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In 2018, the Russian World Cup came to an agreement in June 14th, and there was an upsurge of sports all over the world. In our country, August 8 is designated as the National Fitness Day. The implementation of the National Fitness Program is regarded as an important national development strategy, improving the physical fitness of the whole people, and establishing a broad mass base for many sports.

"Life depends on exercise", especially for those of us who have been sitting in the office for a long time, there is a general phenomenon of sub-health. The first sports meeting organized by the company can help us build up our physique, enhance communication with colleagues, release some negative emotions and pressure, and increase the motivation for the future work.

During the two days of the Games, although the weather was very hot, we were not afraid of the hot weather, everyone played a tenacious and hard-working sports spirit. The organizational arrangement of the Games is divided into preliminary and final competitions, and four competitive events: running, rope skipping, tennis, badminton. The preliminary competitions finalize the final list. The following are the silhouette of the sports meet:

After fierce confrontation, the final list was released.
Glorious Moment - Medal List


 In the process of the games, we are actively involved in, the atmosphere is very warm, everyone on the game maintained a good attitude, to win and lose gracefully. Many people are already looking forward to the December sports meet.

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