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K Land is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise which specializes in handling all kinds of luggage products, guided by export, supported by industry and driven by R&D.

The company team is composed of a group of energetic, experienced professionals with the same goals and high efficiency and unity. Since 1994, 
K Land team has been working hard in the luggage industry. In 2016, "Eighteen Arhats" - - the 18 founding shareholders of K Land, headed by Executive Director Ke Chenghua, cherished the yearning for a better life, upheld the value concept of "co-creation, co-sharing, coexistence and co-prosperity", jointly invested according to the restructured equity structure, and changed the company name to the current "Guangzhou K Land Bags And Luggage Co., Ltd."

The company operates all kinds of luggage products suitable for different scenarios, including matching Fast Fashion and Fashion elements, agglomerating the industry's classic men's bags, women's bags and business bags products, as well as various leisure bags and children's bags products full of life and sports vitality. The company's market covers five continents. Its main customers include Zalando, which ranks first in European fashion e-commerce, Camaieu, France, Ostin, Russia, Karstadt, Germany and ECI, which locate mid-and high-end department stores in the city, Aldi, which is a convenient global chain, and Kmart, Australia, which locates chain stores. Brands that work with the company include sports brand Head, children brand Barbie, fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger and Eland.In order to adapt to the increasingly severe competition situation in the market, the company has wholly owned and operated Guangzhou Runyu Leather Co., Ltd. since 2009. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Qilian Company, Yunyu is located in Shiling Town, Huadu, Guangzhou. Production and living area of 14,000 square meters, the number of registered 250 people. Profit is the concrete measure for K Land Company to realize the integration of industry and trade. With the joint efforts of all trade and production personnel, Runyu has gradually become the company's order operation platform, quality inspection center, image display window and the production base of all urgent, difficult, scattered, miscellaneous, small, strict and other special orders.

Since the Entity Factory, 
K Land has gained strong support in all areas of customer service. In such aspects as price advantage, quality assurance, time limit monitoring, design and research, K Land has gained a dominant position in the market from fear of competition to fear of competition, and then to fear of non-competition.

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